Bug Tracking

17 November 2020 - Fixed subtasks order in iOS app. Fixed timestamps in subtasks.

27 October 2020 - Fixed a project loading issue in order to present the tasks faster.

21 January 2019 - Fixed the log registration in the task edit panel, so that now it only logs effective changes to the title.

11 Jan 2019 - Fixed a bug with the event CSV export in the Track view.

15 Jun 2018 - Fixed a bug with the different time zones, when in a timezone different from the computer time would render a different date in some of the app calendars.

1 Feb 2018 - Fixed a bug in the CSV export feature in the Track view, where under some circumstances, not all projects were included when all projects were selected to export.

25 July 2017 - Fixed a bug in the recurring tasks that cleaned the files in the next instance. Now every instance of a recurring task keeps the subtasks checked and the files attached. 

1 June 2017 - Finally fixed a bug in the Plan view that was representing tasks assigned for Sunday on Monday, when the time settings was changed. 

28 March 2017 - Fixed new tasks added in the Project View being assigned to who created the task instead of being unassigned as intended.

8 February 2017 - Fixed a Plan view scroll issue in Windows web browsers.

16 January 2017 - Fixed time stamp in the Edit tasks' log, that was not accepting timezone changes. 

5 January 2017 - Recurring tasks in the Plan view bug fixed.

7 December 2016 - Standard Users inside Teams can now see Projects inside groups and Private Projects assigned to the Team. Fixed a temporary plan view loading issue for Managers.

28 November 2016 - Managers and Admins inside Teams can now see users without a group as well.

31 October 2016 - "Delete All" option now also deletes the items forever. Fixed a bug in setting time for events.

26 October 2016 - Fixed Unsubscribe email logo in mobile logo to be centered.

17 October 2016 - Fixed a bug that prevented the "Your Tasks for Today" email from being sent to accounts with users without email address. Corrected an issue that showed all active Urgent Tasks, including recurring tasks that weren't planned for that date. Fixed an issue with the iCal integration. 

3 October 2016 - Fixed a bug when an Administrator or a Manager inside a Team weren't able to add tasks or events to private projects from the Edit panel. 

28 September 2016 - Fixed a bug in the recurring events that affected their editing.

31 August 2016 - Fixed some issues with paused tasks' representation in the Plan view.

25 August 2016 - Fixed a bug when after reopening a task, when changing the duration didn't update on the task total time. Fixed Project details order for "People" and "Start date" to include events' dates.

23 August 2016 - Fixed a bug that when deleting a Team with people in, that team members were deactivated and couldn't log-in again.

4 August 2016 - Fixed Team Status bug in the Track view where inactive users still showed on the team list.

2 August 2016 - Fixed task text to truncate well before total completed task time in Plan view.

1 August 2016 - Fixed "Recurring Tasks" icon showing up for non-recurring tasks.

1 August 2016 - Fixed "Urgent" task icon on Personal Tasks not showing up after refreshing the Work view. 

21 June 2016 - Fixed button colours to assume a darker company color and work with lighter tones.

20 June 2016 - Fixed check of another users's task in the Plan view - now it is shown in Plan as if the User's completed the task.

4 June 2016 - Fixed a User editing bug.

2 June 2016 - Fixed Plan Recurring Tasks bug that made the transition to Plan slower.

12 May 2016 - Fixed Recurring Tasks allowing multiple completions in the same date.

12 May 2016 - Fixed completed tasks in Private Projects not showing in the Plan View.

12 May 2016 - Fixed recurring personal tasks disappearing from the Personal task list after being completed.

10 May 2016 - Fixed the add files bug that disabled deleting or downloading the recently uploaded files. 

5 May 2016 - Fixed the duplicating tasks without duplicating files issue. 

3 May 2016 - Fixed the scrolling issue in the US server.

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