How Tasks Work in Outplanr

Outplanr Tasks are dynamic. This means that they will move onto the next date if they are not completed, adding to the tasks assigned for that date.

When a task has a set start date, it will be presented in the Plan view, if it's assigned to an user. If that task is not completed on its start date, it will keep the set start date but will automatically move onto the next working date, on your Today's list and also on the Plan view. This means that you'll see everyday a list of all tasks with Start date set for today, together with all tasks with start date set for a date before today, that haven't still be completed.

In your Plan view, you can click on a red link below your task list to see all tasks assigned to you for that date, if they together sum up for more than 7 hours of work per day. Otherwise they'll be fully represented in the Plan view.



If a task has a deadline date set as well, it will trigger a warning icon near the task, showing that the task is overdue.

If a task is assigned the priority "Urgent" it will also show a notification icon near its name, and additionally will trigger a notification email to the user the task is assigned to.



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