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Outplanr is a project and resource manager that turns your to do list into a weekly work plan, where you can see what your team is doing in real-time. Organize and keep track of multiple projects, while making sure that everyone knows what do do now and next, avoiding stress for the team and keeping everyone motivated and on track. 


The Outplanr iOS App is a quick app to access to your Outplanr Work panel. It includes your tasks and events, that can be filtered by date and task status, your personal tasks, and your personal notifications with all the task activity related to the tasks you follow.

In the Outplanr app you can start, pause and complete your tasks on the go. You can also add new tasks and events and assign them to yourself or your team.

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To get the app: 



Here's what we have in store with our iOS app:


The first screen you'll see after installing the app is the login screen. Here you'll be asked to write your account domain. If you don't remember your domain, you can request a list of your domains at our general login page, and you'll be directed to your domain after inserting your email address.




Next step in the login is introducing your email address and password on your account login page. Like the desktop version of Outplanr, it will show your company name or logo and tab colour.




My Tasks

After introducing your login details your Work view will show as your greeting screen. It includes all your tasks and events.




You can use filters to check all tasks set for today, only active tasks set for today, all active tasks or all completed tasks. 




Creating a new task for you is very simple. Select the Project by scrolling down your list and then click on the "Add Task" field.




Your task will be quickly added by its name, with the default options of being 30 minutes long , set for today and assigned to you.

Checking off a task is as simple as clicking on the checkbox. Just click in the checkbox and the task will be completed straight away.

You can also hit Play to start time tracking a task by sliding to the left on the Task name. 




The task will be highlighted with the Project colour and get a Play icon before its name, starting to track the time spent.




You can add new tasks or event assigned to anyone on your Team by clicking on the "+" button on the top-right corner of your app.




If you select "Add Task", a new blank task will be created, assigned to you and to the General Project by default.




Your Personal Tasks are also very conveniently located on the top of your Project list. To add new tasks is as simple as in the Work view, just hit "Add Task" and start typing.




Edit a Task

When you click on a task in your task list, you can edit its details.

You can start by editing the task name by clicking on the name field, and use the keyboard to change the task name. 




You can also edit the Project where the task is included, by selecting the current project name.




Additionally you can change the person to whom the task is assigned, by clicking on the User photo in the Edit panel.




You can also change the task's start date (the date the task will show on the Plan calendar) and deadline (the date where it will trigger a warning that the task is due).




Another field you can edit is the Task duration, which is the daily length planned for the task.




You can pick one of three priority levels for your tasks. The "Normal" priority is default, if you pick "Low" it will show on all your lists with a bottom arrow, and the "Urgent priority" will add a Urgent icon, together with triggering an email notification to the assigned user.




You can also add more detail to the Task, in the "Description" field.




If you need to include a checklist of subtasks, you can also introduce it in the Task edit panel.




The Task edit panel also includes the File attachment functionality, that imports files from your Photo Library or enables you to take a photo with your camera straight away.





You can also add comments to your tasks, that will be shown together with your Task History log in the "Comments" section.




Deleting a comment is very quick. Just slide your finger from right to left over the comment you wish to delete.




In the Task edit panel you can Play a task, quickly duplicate it or delete it, by clicking on the buttons available at the bottom bar.




Edit an Event

When you click on a event in your task list, you can also edit its details.




You can start by editing the event name by clicking on the name field, and use the keyboard to change the event name. 




You can also edit the Project where the event is included, by selecting the current Project name.




Additionally you need to select the Event date - by default it will be set for Today.





You can add the location of the event, by writing directly on that field.




You can select the Event time in the next field. By default the event will be set as a full day event. You can select the start time and end time.




You can also add more detail to the Event, in the "Description" field.




Next you can add the event attendees. You'll be able to select them, one by one, from the dropdown list.




The Event edit panel also includes the File attachment functionality, that imports files from your Photo Library or enables you to take a photo with your camera straight away.




You can also add comments to your events, that will be shown together with your event History log in the "Comments" section.




In the Event edit panel you can quickly duplicate it or delete the event, by clicking on the buttons available at the bottom bar. You can also add it to your iPhone Calendar app straight away. 







On the bottom tab you have three buttons that will direct you to three different screens in the iPhone app. First icon is the My Tasks (the app default) screen. The notifications button is next, and it will show a list of the latest activity from your list of followed tasks.

This notification list includes:

  • - New tasks assigned to you;
  • - New comments and files added to your tasks;
  • - Any activity on the tasks you follow (when they start, pause or are completed).

By default, when you assign a task to other team member, you automatically follow that task and will get notified when there is any activity.



Coming soon you'll be able to select each item on your notification list to check its details.



The third button on the bottom menu is the Settings button. 

Here you can add a new profile picture, change your name and check what email your using in the app. Soon you'll also be able to select which notifications you want to receive on your phone. 





iPhone Notifications

Outplanr in-app notifications are very scarce, to avoid disrupting your workflow. For now, you'll only receive an instant notification on your iPhone when you are assigned an Urgent Task in Outplanr.


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